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Andanis unhappy about media reportage on Dagbon conflict

The Andani family says it is outraged at attempts by some media houses to twist the facts of the history of the Dagbon kingdom in the ongoing funeral of former Yaa Naa Mahamadu Abdulai.

It has therefore called on the National Media Commission and the Ghana Journalists Association to act before it proves costly for the nation.

A statement issued by nephew of the late Yaa Naa Yakubu II Mahama Sayibu says reference to former Yaa Naa Mahamadu Abdulai’s regent as regent of Dagbon is not only factually incorrect but also disturbingly biased and an attempt to denigrate the authority of the Kampakuya naa who is statutorily known and recognized as regent of Dagbon.

Mr. Sayibu says the Andanis are particularly alarmed that such a wrong attribute constitutes a substantial risk of nurturing a perception of a parallel traditional authority in Dagbon, a perception that is already looming in the camp of the Abudu family.

Mr. Sayibu says it was for this reason that he issued a statement earlier asking government to publicly assure the nation that it will not allow the Abudus to hold their regent as a chief with the powers to enskin chiefs.

The statement made reference to an online report on December 14 captioned Dagbon chieftaincy: Abudus install regent today, where the Bolin lana was referred to as regent of Dagbon.

He says slanted mediated texts at this time of the Dagbon peace process will only trigger unnecessary tension in the area and advised journalists covering the funerals to encourage peace journalism.



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