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White lady flies to Ghana to arrest ‘sakawa’ man who duped her

A white lady has done the unthinkable by affecting the arrest of a male internet fraudster known locally as a ‘sakawa’ boy in Ghana.

The white lady had been defrauded for so many years by the Ghanaian whose name has been identified as Solomon Attah.

According to a video report by and sighted by and, the ‘sakawa’ boy reportedly extracted over 20,000 euros (GHC 113,000) from the white lady in question years back.

After extorting so much from the lady he cut ties with her. So the lady with another white guy who appeared to be her new boyfriend/husband did all they could to track Solomon and his boys down.

From the video, one can see that they contacted the Criminal Investigations Department down here in Ghana.

So after getting to know where Solomon and his crew lived to carry-out their dubious scams, they paid them a surprise visit at home.

Solomon and his crew attempted to bolt after realising that their cup was full but the police personnel were quick enough to capture them. They were handcuffed and paraded to the police station.

The white guy demanded that Attah paid part or the full amount of money he extorted.

Solomon said he’s ready to do that. There was a car packed in the compound which he could be heard saying that he’ll sell for 10,000 Euros—that’ll cover half of the amount. had previously reported how a Danish man flew down to cause the arrest of some fraud guys.

The fraud boys defrauded the man of €15,000 (GHC 83,000) – the foreigner was identified as Jeanette Brunsma.



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