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Muslim Community Invoke ‘Curses’ On Ahmed’s Killers

The police may have begun investigations, other security agencies as well, to ascertain the real culprits behind the murder of undercover journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale but his Muslim brothers are also doing their part; calling on their God to expose and deal accordingly with these persons. 

Several Muslim brethren who joined the family and the Tiger Eye PI team to bid farewell to the deceased journalist joined in final prayers at the Madina Islamic Cemetery where his remains were laid. 


Calling on Allah, they asked that he intervene and fight for justice for their brother. Aside exposing him, they also prayed that the killers be cursed by Allah for having chosen to cheat an innocent soul who was merely meting out his responsibilities to the nation. 

“May God curse those people who did that. Wherever they are, we are praying to you Allah, may you expose them”. “We are praying to the Almighty to expose those behind this and those who assigned them to do that, Allah we are praying to you, we don’t have anybody to cry to, those people have cheated our brother, and we don’t have anything to say to you, Allah, we are praying to you, expose those people”. 

“Journalists are being cheated, he was doing his work, national assignment, everybody is crying that there is corruption in the country, and he has risked his life to defend the country and this is what he got. We are crying to you almighty, he has left four children, who is going to take care of them? Allah, we are looking to you, clean our tears for us, we are looking to you, we won’t pray to anyone else, and we believe and trust in you, do the right thing for Muslims”, they prayed.




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