Stonebwoy fights Charterhouse, Present his disappointment

The uncertain boycott set on Stonebwoy is the least of his stresses; yet an approach the media to develop past him and Shatta Wale, as per him, is crazy and unsatisfactory.

A day after Shatta Wale named Charterhouse, coordinators of the Ghana Music Awards, as ‘fools’ for encouraging the media to transcend the two dancehall monsters, Stonebwoy has likewise communicated most extreme dissatisfaction in the organization.


“May I presume that Charterhouse doesn’t have the enthusiasm of Ghanaian artists and Ghana music on the most fundamental level. With all due regard #MrsTeresa, I’m baffled!! Approaching Ghana media to assist you with extinguishing our professions is an extremely low blow,” his tweet, Thursday, read.

At a pressing commitment in front of the 21st release of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), Theresa Ayoade, Chief Executive Officer of Charterhouse, underscored the need to rather than concentrate on different artistes. Her remark was in response to whether the boycott set on the two artistes will be lifted so they could record designation during the current year’s version.

“Can you as the media help the business ascend over these two? How about we ascend over these two and let the business inhale and proceed onward,” she advanced. “Sarkodie won artiste of the decade and no one even discussed it. The business is greater than these two artists and that what I need you to return with. There are heaps of youngsters who need the chance so how about we proceed onward.”


Mrs. Ayoade referenced that the boycott must be lifted by the board, focusing on that her association will appropriately acknowledge the choice of the board.

Her comments irritated Shatta Wale as the artist on Wednesday propelled a scorching assault on the staff of the organization.

“You all don’t think, you are fools,” he said in a Facebook live channel.


The leading body of the plan was not forgotten. A few salvos were coordinated to them as well!

“The Board individuals, every one of you is a needy individual. What I have, none of you has, I can pay every one of you consistently,” he terminated. “You don’t have anything. The greater part of them is baffled, artists. You don’t know God… Don’t attempt me. This ought to be your first and last. Try not to attempt me. You can give this a shot Stonebwoy yet not me.”



Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy were prohibited uncertainly from the honors conspire, deprived of the considerable number of grants they won a year ago and requested to restore the plaques after they upset the twentieth release of the occasion.

While Stonebwoy was up the VGMA organize taking his honor, Shatta Wale, his adversary on the music scene, was seen moving toward the phase with a large group of others ventured to be his fans.

Stonebwoy who felt undermined, pulled out a handgun gave him in front of an audience by one of his escort, a scene that started a fight between the two artistes and their supporters.


The honors occasion was incidentally ended and the highest two honors for the occasion, Most Popular Song of the Year and Artiste of the Year, were conceded because of the skirmish.