40th Kristo Asafo Tech Exhibition: Kantanka Announces Their Uber-like car, 2020 Kantanka Amoaniwah EV will cost between Ghc40,000-Ghc50,000

At the 40th Kristo Asafo Tech Exhibition which is happening now at the time of publishing this article, the anticipated Uber-like cars have been spotted there and they are ready to start selling.

Kantanka Amoaniwah EV Price

At the exhibition, the Kantanka company has announced that the 2020 Kantanka Amoaniwah EV will cost between Ghc40,000-Ghc50,000. In other news, at the same 40th Kristo Asafo Tech Exhibition, photos of the powerful sports car by Kantanka have dropped, check them out here.

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Source: https://www.naijweb.ng