Journalists should be dealt with like judges – Lawyer

Lawyer and scientist Dr Nanna Oppong has proposed that journalists must be-treated like judges are in Ghana.

According to him, such treatment bestows on the media personnel a sense of protection which makes them able to carry their duties without fear.


Addressing participants at the Press Centre in Accra on “Public interest; Journalism and the protection of journalists”, Dr Nanna Oppong said journalist be well treated just like judges.

“Then they will get the protection that they need, the finance, the professionalisation, the security. This current situation makes a journalist not independent.

Journalists are being controlled by the state, people with money, people with power. Do you prefer to be controlled by the constitution or by criminals? etc. Journalists being controlled by the constitution like judges will make them independent,” he stated.


Meanwhile, Mr Monney also called on the appropriate authorities to act swiftly to bring the perpetrators of Ahmed Suale’s death to book.

This, he believes when done, will pump a sense of protectiveness amongst media practitioners.

“Some anti-media elements have not relented in their devilish agenda to make life hellish for certain journalists whose so-called crime is fearlessly shedding light in public dark spots.


“What is most unthinkable is the aberrant habit of law enforcers of devious professional standards who apply the law wrongly and punitively against innocent journalists. The soul of this nation is bleeding profusely. Killers of Ahmed Suale should be found tried and jailed,” he said.