Possible earthquake to strike Ghana – Dr Ahulu

Ghanaians must prepare for a possible earthquake strike – Dr. Ahulu

Ghana must place itself through enforcement of its own codes and standards to deal with any catastrophic earthquake strike in the future in order not to be taken by surprise.


“There is still an alarming expectation of another destructive earthquake following this one in the very foreseeable future. This brings to bear the need for the country to position itself in addressing such an eventuality. It is not worthwhile for anybody to be taken by surprise,”.

A report, after the 1939 destructive earthquake in Ghana, stated that buildings in Accra, in particular, should not go up vertically beyond two storeys because of the inconsistent geology of Accra and the fact that Accra’s soil profile cannot withstand earthquakes with a high rise building regime. However, with rapid urbanization, engineering solutions and population growth, buildings more than two storeys are springing up within the city.

“It is really worrying that these structures are right in the Centre of a well-known seismic zone. This, therefore, makes those buildings vulnerable to the disastrous seismic effect,”.


Source: GNA