Awkward Moment In Legon As Boys Storm Felicia Addy’s Hall To Meet Her

A female level 100 student of the University of Ghana is probably regretting her actions after she got the results. Obviously mesmerized by the fact that she had made it to the premier university, the lady whose name is given as Felicia Addy gushed over her school in a video she posted online.

As if that was not all, she asked her audience to come to visit her hostel, she gave out her hall and room number. Later that evening boys from all over the campus stormed Felicia’s hostel. Overwhelmed by the number of people that showed up, she became shy and reluctant to come out of her room.


Felicia Addy has been trending all day on social media.

Here are her videos;

This is when she invited everyone to come over:


This is when they showed up:

She dey hide