My friend conned me, stole my business idea for Nana Ama Mcbrown – Adwoa Saah

Female media personality Adwoa Saah of Adom TV’s Kumkum Bhagya fame has opened up about her business struggles with a friend in the past. In an interview with Nkosuohene on Omega Live TV, Adwoa Saah disclosed that her close pal betrayed her and a business idea she had proposed later ended up in the hands of Nana Ama Mcbrown.

After placing 3rd in Ghana’s most beautiful and working with some television stations such as Fontomfrom Tv and other terrestrial televisions, she decided to do a cooking show with a friend. “I came to present ‘bariman nkwan’ on Adom TV and that was the first time after GMB, I had presented in Twi. And the program discontinued after the 3rd season because Adom TV couldn’t sustain the agreement with its sponsors, Rico.” She stated.


“So I decided to put something together (a show) with a friend on Adom TV and I ended up being cheated. It was a cooking show which she used someone to replace me and the person ended up snatching the whole show from her.”She continued. Revealing details of this, Adwoa explained that the show was sent to UTV and renamed ‘Aben show’ which was different from her original idea and design named ‘my man can cook’.

“A friend I attend the same church with decided to do a TV show. After listening to her idea, I told her it wouldn’t sell so we should rather do a cooking show. I didn’t even want to share my ideas with her but she promised me she wouldn’t steal if I do. And that we would share the proceeds 50/50.”

“I was bringing the idea and she was providing money for the pilot(idea). I am bringing the idea, will present it and the name wasn’t even ‘Aben show’ but a different name ‘ my man can cook’.”She revealed.


Adwoa, however, continued to explain that her friend ( and her lawyer present) called her to a meeting only to disclose to her proceeds from the show will now be shared 35% for Adwoa and she would take 65%. Which is entirely different from the initially agreed 50/50. After the meeting, Adwoa said she felt cheated and decided to leave the show for her, only to realise days later that, Mcbrown is hosting the same show – borne from her idea– on UTV.

She said, her friend later met her in town and made a comment that because she was lagging or not serious, that’s why she is using Mcbrown as the host. Interestingly, her friend proposed she should come and host a similar show she was ‘cooking up’ for metro Tv, but that didn’t even materialise. It is important to note that, it was the ‘Aben show’ on UTV that has transformed to ‘Mcbrown’s kitchen’ which is executively produced by Nana Ama Mcbrown and her husband Maxwell Mensah.