[Social Media WAR] Shatta Wale Vs Twene Jonas

Some couple of days ago, Twene Jonas was  cursed by a Ghanaian man in a video for allegedly insulting the King of the Ashanti Kingdom and few days later, a man of God (Opambour) came to speak for him saying the curses won’t do anything.

Today, it looks as if the guy (Twene Jonas) is really bent on criticizing everything in Ghana but Shatta Wale will not take that from him as he has already created a warning notice for him. Twene Jonas on Monday, 1st June 2021 in a video, as usual, insulting Shatta Wale for allegedly bullying a road constructor. He asked why the Ghana Police Service has not arrested the artiste when he publicly assaulted the road constructor Kennedy Acquah and his men at the site at Ajirigano in Accra.


The Dancehall King in a post replied “You think you talk sense aaama… Go ask your village friends who started this on social media. I buried dem alive in this same place are today… Don’t f**k with Shatta cuz I am the only person to get you dead on social media!!” He added “Some fools think you have a life but all you do there can’t get you back home cuz you frustrated so, soso gyimii nkoaaaa. Twene Jonas your mother. In fact your father. Let me teach you how to use social media (SM) to make sense… village dust enter your brain abi”

Source: showbizafrik