“Men, avoid church girls, especially if she is above 30 years” – Relationship advisor

Mixed reactions have greeted a controversial advice a relationship advisor has given to men, saying church girls who are above age 30 are not worthy of a relationship let alone marriage. It is not clear what experience or research inspired the Men’s Wellness Expert known as Eric @amerix on Twitter to offer this latest advice to men.

His counsel has provoked numerous mixed reactions from his followers, with some agreeing with him, while others disagree with him vehemently.


Below is a compilation of some reactions correcting.com:

@njuguna_kanairo: They run to church after the streets abandon them

@asknyaora: Any woman at 30 is akin to buying a newspaper in the evening. However, churches serving at the spiritual realms are chaotic and damaged. Not even divine intervention will come to their rescue. Be very careful with this bale.

@PsKinyuaPaul: Daktari I hope I am free to differ where I’m not convinced. So, under 30 are good to go and over 30 bad? I have been in church long enough to know there are devils under 20 and Angels over 30. Don’t build a doctrine from a single view. With a lot of respect sir.

@kellymarclay_s: They won’t play you, they won’t cheat on you…but they qualify with a PhD in stress and headache processing and forwarding


@KimaniMwangiS: Especially if she refers to the Pastor as ‘dad’ or ‘mum’

@El_digenious: You are right on most of your tweets, however, on this one, no…. If you are mature enough they are the ones to go for. Hawana stress

@AkothAgutu: We have ALL fallen short of the glory of God, whether @20 or 30. After all, the church is for those who are aware of their sins; for the rest of you perfectionists, you can date from wherever you please. SMH


Source: Pulse.com.gh