Teacher Kwadwo’s Headteacher, Circuit Supervisor were shockingly demoted to the classroom

Teacher Kwadwo’s dismissal: The headteacher of Akrofuom D/A Primary School, in the Ashanti Region, Mr Timothy K.
Ayombil has been re-assigned to a classroom to teach after the dismissal of Michael Owusu Afriyie,(Teacher Kwadwo).
The GES in a letter indicating its decision for dismissing Teacher Kwadwo indicated that the headmaster was demoted since it is established that he is incompetent to head a school.

”Management accepts the recommendation of the Committee that Mr Ayombil should be re-assigned to a classroom to teach since it is established that he is incompetent to head a school.” The statement said.

Demotion of SISO/Circuit Supervisor


The GES said the Management is of the view that Mr Yamoah who is the School Improvement Support Officer (SISO) former Circuit Supervisor (CS) should also be reassigned from his current role as a SISO and be re-posted as a classroom teacher in another district.


Teacher Kwadwo’s dismissal

The GES indicated, that Management has studied and reviewed the report of the Akrofuom District Disciplinary Committee on allegations of professional misconduct against Mr Michael Owusu Afriyie of Akrofuom D/A Primary School, with staff number 1247997.

The report established that:


Mr Michael Owusu Afriyie, the P4 teacher of Akrofuom D/A Primary school was absent from school without permission for a total of 55 days in the 2021 academic year.

Mr Michael Owusu Afriyie refused to prepare a lesson plan as a professional teacher and ignored the directive of the District Director to prepare the lesson plan. He further refused to submit Lesson Notes for vetting by his Headteacher.

Mr Michael Owusu Afriyie exhibited the highest level of insubordination towards the District Director and the School Improvement Support Officer (SISO) responsible for his school as well as the Headteacher of his school, and that he in some instances refused to respond to queries served him by both the Headteacher and the SISO.


He further even refused to respond to a query issued to him by the District Director and in addition, refused to appear before a panel set up by the District Director to investigate his conduct. Management views this conduct as serious enough and very unprofessional and unethical. Management, therefore, does not accept the recommendation of the Committee that Mr Michael Owusu Afriyie should be re-assigned since the recommended sanction does not commensurate with the established misconduct since such serious non-professional and unethical conduct merit
summary dismissal.

Check This Out: Teacher Kwadwo’s Positives

Management, however, has taken into consideration some of Mr Owusu Afriyie’s positive contributions to the schools in terms of the painting of the school, donation of television sets, computers to the school as well as provision of school uniform to some pupils, and therefore directs that his appointment with the Ghana Education Service (GES) should be terminated forthwith.


GES Council

Since the termination of appointment requires the endorsement of the GES Council, which currently is not re-constituted, it is directed that Mr Michael Owusu Afriyie should stay away from the GES until a final decision by the GES Council, when re-constituted.

Source: educationghana.org