After being assaulted by assassins, Kofi Adomah Nwanwani was transported to the hospital.

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, the host of Accra-based Angel FM’s morning broadcast was attacked by unknown attackers. According to reports, the broadcaster was returning from DAMAX Estate in Kuntunse, an Accra suburb, when he was approached by these suspected assassins on a motorbike and attacked him at old Ashongman.

The perpetrators on a motorcycle approached him and assaulted him with a sharp weapon, causing major damage to his body. According to the complaint, after inflicting wounds on him, the mysterious persons attempted to light him ablaze. “Kofi Adomah visited his House at DAMAX estate at Kuntunse, on his way back he was assaulted outside old Ashongman,” a source told Ghanaweb.

“He was passed by two guys on motorcycles.” They aimed sharp items at his face, but he shielded his face with his hands and shoulders. They poured an inflammable material suspected to be fuel on him and attempted to set him on fire.”