Reggie Rockstone: “Black Sherif didn’t lose BET; his nomination is a victory.”

Reggie Rockstone, the grandfather of hip-hop, has refuted claims that Black Sherif’s inability to win the 2022 BET Best International Flow award is a setback. He considered the young musician’s nomination at the prestigious awards ceremony after only two years in the business a victory in and of itself. Reggie Rockstone told Dennis Adu of AdomOnline that “he didn’t lose, absolutely not it. He won. being only mentioned How much time has a man spent inside? Although he only recently began making songs, he quickly received a nomination. He’s triumphant.

The “Makaa Maka” singer said, “People see Black Sherif is being himself and not mimicking fads or hopping on the next Afrobeats craze, and that makes his nomination and constant development even more astounding.” “You get this person’s complete feel even if he doesn’t play hip-hop or afrobeat. He effectively expresses what I always say to everyone. You don’t have to adhere to trends. He headed the opposite direction while everyone else was dancing to Afrobeats. “At the moment, it’s really difficult to avoid being influenced by what is happening around you. Because of this, it can be challenging to distinguish between musicians from Ghana and Nigerian artists. He never modifies his manner, exactly like Kwaw Kese,” he observed.

Reggie Rockstone expressed his gratitude for being alive to see some of these developments in the music business. Only Black Sherif from Ghana received a nomination for the 2022 BET Hip Hop award. He faced tough opposition in the prestigious Best International Flow category from the UK’s Knucks, South Africa’s Blxckie, France’s Benjamin Epps, and five other artists, including Knucks and Blxckie. Benjamin Epps of France won the prize.

Rapper Black Sherif, meanwhile, released his eagerly anticipated first album, “The Villain I Never Was,” on Thursday. ‘The Villain I Never Was’ is a purposefully biographical story about Black Sherif’s struggles. The 20-year-old artist claimed, “It took me everything to give life to this body. “The one item in my life for which I would do everything. He previously stated in a social media post that “there is life in this body. I hope it treats you well and communicates to you the way I want it to.