Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in Agriculture: Inspiring Stories from Techiman

Techiman’s Female Entrepreneurs Redefining Agriculture: Priscilla Agambilla and Abena Kusiwaa Shine

In Techiman, located in the Bono East Region, the narratives of agriculture are being rewritten by two exceptional women, showcasing the strength of female entrepreneurship in the industry.

Priscilla Agambilla: Crafting a Gari Business with Determination

Meet Priscilla Agambilla, a single mother and former nursing student. When circumstances led her to leave the Mampong Nursing Training College to care for her son, Priscilla didn’t back down. She harnessed her determination to provide for her family and fund her education by delving into cassava processing and gari production.

Through her relentless efforts, Priscilla transformed her venture into a successful gari business, earning a monthly profit of GH¢1,000. Her high-quality gari reached households not only within the Greater Accra, Ashanti, and Northern regions but even crossed borders.

However, Priscilla’s ambitions extend further. She envisions expanding her business, despite challenges like transportation issues and escalating costs. Undeterred, she continues to strive towards her dreams.

Abena Kusiwaa: Nurturing Prosperity through Pepper Farming

Abena Kusiwaa, a 29-year-old Agriculture Extension Officer with the Ghana Cocoa Board, has etched her name in the world of large-scale pepper farming in Tanoso-Techiman. Despite hardships during her upbringing, Abena’s resilience led her to overcome obstacles.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Business Management at the Methodist University College in Wenchi, Bono East Region, Abena’s dedication to farming exemplifies her unwavering spirit. Guided by Rev. Kyere Mensah, she not only received financial aid but also essential insights into effective cultivation practices.

Abena’s peppers flourish thanks to her dedication to timely cultivation during the rainy season. Yet, challenges like fertilizer expenses, irrigation costs, and labor hiring affect her overall earnings. Her vision includes a more efficient water supply system, reducing reliance on distant sources.

Rev. Evans Kyere-Mensah: Championing Agricultural Empowerment

Rev. Evans Kyere-Mensah stands as a guiding force behind these exceptional women. As the CEO of Agricimpact Ghana Limited and Agricwealth Ghana, he’s dedicated to transforming youth perceptions of agriculture and enhancing food security in Africa.

With a mission to empower aspiring farmers, Rev. Kyere-Mensah has trained and supported numerous individuals. His influence extends through initiatives like the Ghana Youth Agriculture Summit and projects training over 200 women in mushroom production, in collaboration with APEL CIDA-KNUST.

Rev. Kyere-Mensah’s support has empowered talents like Priscilla and Abena, fostering their success. He advocates for increased funding and access to crucial resources for the agricultural sector, recognizing its potential for economic recovery.

In Conclusion:

Techiman’s agricultural landscape is being redefined by the remarkable stories of Priscilla Agambilla and Abena Kusiwaa. With the guiding support of Rev. Evans Kyere-Mensah, these women stand as inspiring examples of entrepreneurship and resilience in the world of farming.