Tomato Shortage Plagues Sunyani

Tomato Shortage Plagues Sunyani?

A recent market survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) has unveiled a troubling tomato shortage in the Sunyani main market, affecting various parts of the Bono Region.


Upon visiting the market on a Thursday morning around 11:00 AM, vendors dealing in vegetables expressed their concerns, stating, “Tomatoes and onions have become increasingly scarce in our market.”

Despite a thorough search throughout the main market, no traders were found selling tomatoes. Only a handful of them had onions available for sale.

The sellers explained that although there has been a sustained high demand for tomatoes and onions in the market, they have been struggling to procure an adequate supply of these essential commodities.

“Ataa Abenaa,” one of the market women, lamented, “Tomatoes and onions have become quite challenging to obtain.”

The traders attributed this shortage, in part, to the political instability in neighboring Burkina Faso and Niger, major tomato and onion producers, respectively. They pointed out that customers often prefer imported varieties due to their superior quality and moisture content, which results in a longer shelf life.

Mr. Stephen Oduro, the National Vice Chairman of the Ghana National Tomatoes Producers Federation, confirmed the shortage in various parts of the Bono Region when contacted by the GNA. He appealed to the government to invest in the construction of irrigation dams for local farmers to enhance production. Additionally, he stressed the need for proper storage facilities, as the rainy season had led to the deterioration of their tomato stocks.

By providing irrigation and storage facilities, farmers could cultivate tomato seedlings throughout the year, mitigating the adverse effects of unpredictable weather patterns that have hindered tomato production in the country.

Regrettably, Mr. Dennis Amenga Abugri, the Bono Regional Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, was unavailable for comment on the situation.